Friday, May 21, 2010

When my mind speaks...

Will my mind speak? Well, minds can speak, laugh, sing, mimic, act, write, erase, sleep and among many other things also think. However, speaking, I feel, is the most expressive form of one's thoughts. So I choose to call my blog the title you see 'when my mind speaks' because I don’t want to sound funny by saying 'when my mind thinks'. I always think, or for that matter minds always think. It’s research-proven that thinking minds determine a person. No wonder all self-help books are filled with thoughts on thinking, and now a days, no book is spared. Back to 'when my mind speaks' as against 'when my mind thinks', I think always but you bet that I don’t want to share everything on the blog, just like you (or your minds) don’t speak everything you think of!
So with that little icebreaker para and a conversation-starter, I hope I have justified the title of my blog. However, as I claim on my social networking profiles, I am an extrovert and a people person, So all thoughts from my friends and everyone will be considered seriously and if I change the title of my blog you know you have influenced my mind to speak your mind. So all comments and contests are a welcome.I promise you I am not rigid and am ready to speak your mind if you can convince my mind to speak your mind. I double promise you, I will give public credit to that mind!

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