Monday, May 31, 2010

Child-like and Childish!

I am a child. I want to keep reminding me this because otherwise I will cease to be one! The drawback in ceasing to be a child is we tend to become more complex, rational and practical by killing all the child-like innocence, magic, magnanimity and simplicity.

I still remember how I enjoyed moving in a certain path which came to my mind and not just walk straight, how I did things twice or even thrice for some heart felt goodness, how I shouted yeeeeeeeeee into the skies and believed I can fly, how I watched stars all night trying to spot Venus (literally as it was the brightest star). I did a lot of things during my childhood that I want to keep doing. Without a logic to it, without being rational and without being practical for w while! I want to be child-like forever, whenever I can.

When I was actually a child, I was also probably jealous, possessive and adamant about certain things. Well, that is how all children are, aren’t they? This is something we don’t want to carry up into our adulthood otherwise which we remain childish and not child-like any more. While it is good to be child-like, I feel it is absurd to be childish.

Grown up and in a madly practical world, I thoroughly enjoy being with friends and love to take pranks, jokes and satires from them alike. For this gives me an opportunity to live my ‘Be a child’ philosophy. But I would definitely want my friends, and in fact request, to not brood over something that I might have done while I was a child to such a level that it ceases to be a joke and starts to be an intolerable, pungent, spoiler. I loathe the fact how some friends enjoy it so much trying to prove God knows what? Such instances while spoiling all the child-like reliving we are doing together, make them look outright childish.

Unfortunately, to kill the ill effects of such childish poke, the only shield that worked was to kill my child-like philosophy during those times and be a practical and serious adult.

I would also like to take this article as an excuse to thank all my childhood friends for being part of my wonderful growing up and also extend a sorry if I hurt someone back then. Remember, I was only a child back then! Grow up and steal moments of child-like living by joining me in the fun. But dont spoil your adult life by being childish, if you are being one!

Photo Desc (Left) : In my PPI(Pre Primary I), how I won the first prize for drawing out something I remembered from my stellar viewing the night before.

Photo Desc (On the top) : Jack and Jill went up the hill...I was the Jack!


  1. Good Article. Enjoyed reading it.

  2. Children live in the present...they are happy inside and out unlike adults...I was just telling my co-worker how we "adults" change over the years....and not live in the "present momemt"...Sigh :(