Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mass Hysteria in the air!

Fact: As I landed in Dallas/Forth worth International airport in the year 2009, the world press reported a case of Mass hysteria in Forthworth where 34 people were sent to the hospital after they complained about having symptoms when they mistakenly thought they had been exposed to carbon monoxide.
From Dancing Mania in 1500s to Halifax Slasher to the more recent New Delhi Monkey man and Forthworth carbon monoxide, Mass Hysteria has been seen regularly among people. The following article is about one such, but more mysterious and undetected mass hysterias…
Educated Masses are people who are well educated, professionals, good earners (for themselves). This species do not care for their contribution to society and follow many others in their species blindly, with little or no time to innovate and contribute to society by stop being a victim of mass hysteria. All of them together are lost in a race of something they don’t need- Desires as they are called, as against needs! Desires keep them so busy that hey have no time left for anything else. From unwanted cars to unwanted bungalows and houses in plenty, they amass everything. Unfortunately, this is contagious and you don’t want to be the other animal in your set of species.
I hope all my readers are the elite class and none fall into this class of species. But there is an imminent threat that you might be sucked into this kind of species (Didn’t I tell you they are contagious)… You know what you can do if you find this animal? Start a catalytic chain reaction of contention (as against greed) to stop a catastrophe. Be the starting point of contention and start a revolution.

PS: Original article cut short by the author to save a war!

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