Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sriram Chandra wins Indian Idol 5

I remember how Karunya was the judge’s favorite in Indian idol 2 but lost to Sandeep Acharya in the deciding votes from audience. Many people ruled out a telugu guy(or a South Indian for that matter) ever winning this contest due to the watching patterns of a Hindi language telecast. I never agreed to this though. The reasons are that audience is usually more inclined to what judges have to like and are usually more sensible in judging the talent than getting lost in regional feelings. If judges really, and without any doubts and confusion like someone for their true talent, that influences audience poll too. Also, its not entirely true that people from South India do not watch Hindi language telecasts.

Sriram Chandra dispelled all those myths and reinforcing my beliefs that a Telugu guy can win, emerged the winner of Indian Idol 5. As my wife watched the Indian Idol 5 and relayed what is happening over TV (as I don’t have live access to this program today), I told her that there is no doubt that Sriram would win. Congrats Sriram Chandra, we are proud of you. This not only proved that a South Indian can win Indian idol but also confirmed that Indian audience are not emotional about regions but encourage true talent without any good-for-nothing jingoism. Jai Ho India!!!

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