Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mr. President

How often do you almost ram into a person, apologize, he says hi and you come out and realize that he is the President. The President of America! Albeit ex-president. This happened to me this afternoon when I set out for lunch and was hurrying out of the elevator lobby on the ground floor, which is also the common lobby area for the 22 floors in this building.

I was always told and in fact a couple of my colleagues in last one year or so, have seen Mr. President. The reason is he has his office in the same building as the client I am working for right now. President George W Bush, more poplar than most other American president of the current times, was waiting to walk into an elevator and as I walked out said Hi as he saw me coming into him. Usually, its not uncommon strangers say Hi to others in the US and especially to prevent someone from ramming into you. He was surrounded by a couple of people who are casually dressed but from the build understood that they are his bodyguards.

The President himself looked a little older than I saw him on TV recently along with Bill Clinton and the current President Obama during earth quake relief in Haiti, and he was not formally dressed or anything.

It was so quick all this happened that before my brain processed and sent me signals saying he is the President, he walked away in the elevator on his way to his 22nd floor office. I turned around and he wasn’t there but sure one of my other colleagues too saw him, just so that I am sure he is the president and one of my other colleagues who were waiting for me to have lunch together at the other end of the lobby missed him.

I think it’s a moment, however fast it passed, which can be treasured and remembered, though not captured in any way, be shared! Which is exactly what I did just now…

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